In the latest update, the Smartphone combined with the Sale Management application can act as a barcode scanner. Extremely fast and accurate. This helps the business owner to save some money and easily move when needed. New users can also quickly become familiar with this application for payment and ordering for customers or suppliers. In addition, this application can be both offline and online matching and also connect to convenient printer via wifi or bluetooth.

You can move and use your smartphone as a scanner through the Sale Management application.

In addition, the advanced application features Sales Manager also designed the report types according to the needs of the shop owner. This can clearly understand the economic activities of your store in a specific and clear time to plan adjustments to maximize profits.

  • With products: In this catalog, users can add images for products as well as parameters and product classification in groups.
  • For customers: full information about buyers, discount conditions for individual objects, debts, transaction history, …
  • At cost: manage each specific cost and can attach bills. It can also help you to know whether your store’s revenue increases or decreases throughout the month with a general graph.

Features that make the salesperson stand out and the convenience of this sales management application are not just the ability to scan Barcodes quickly and accurately, but also many other special features such as managing all orders in one way. Fast, convenient and accurate, cost savings for business owners because this is a free application. More specifically, data storage on the phone and personal account, can be used even when not connected to the Internet.

General graph showing sales status of Sale Management.


Sales Management application on Sale Management phone will help you make business management easier. We will always support and receive feedback from users throughout the process to improve and bring to customers a best application.

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