Sales management on phone

Sales management application on the phone – sale management completely free, only charges when using the database on the cloud.


Business losses

When you start your business, what do you care about most? The most common answer is the fear of losing money. Of course, all economic activities are geared towards profit. The direct cause of a failed business unit is:

  1. Do not manage the revenue and expenditure accurately
  2. Business experience is not enough
  3. No investment strategy as well as specific communication
  4. Goods can not meet the market demand
  5. Quit too early

Sections 4 and 5 depend on the choice and belief of the individual. This is not discussed here. Problems 1, 2, 3 must first be considered carefully to be able to overcome.


Sales manager on phone

Accurate and accurate management

Firstly, failure to control the bookkeepers’ accounts will cause problems such as deviation, no profit, etc. This is totally detrimental to the store. The fact is that there is not enough experience in coordinating business. And inevitably involves not finding solutions and business strategies. As well as marketing communications for the store. Sales management software on sales management phone will help you manage the revenue and expenditure accurately.

Convenient, easy to use 

Sales Management Software Sales Management help for small shops, online business. Delivering a mobile, convenient and simple solution. That is the mission of Sale Management Software.

Of course this is also software for every small and medium business model, not just for beginners. When trying to update the latest and most secure way of doing business, why not try to manage with this completely advanced and intelligent system instead of wasting time and tinkering. disorder in the pile of books?

Free application

First, Sales Manager on Phone is a completely free application. That means to own this great gadgets, users can download free from the store integrated on their smart phone. The usage fee is only a fee for the database database on the cloud. Thus, it is possible to save a lot of expenses to hire employees to record books and not be completely assured as manageable.


Data saving

The phone is both a place to stay in touch and to entertain and manage the work – all in one compact device. What can be more convenient? No worries about missing out on anything in the book or accidentally losing computer data due to viruses. This mobile app can be both offline and online combined with a convenient printer connection via bluetooth.

Intuitive reports

When using this automated management program, you can sort from products to invoices and customers in a logical sequence. At the same time, in the application of advanced features Sales Manager also designed the report types according to the needs of the shop owner. This can clearly understand the economic activities of your store in a specific and clear time to plan adjustments to maximize profits.

With products: In this catalog, users can add images for products as well as parameters and product classification in groups.
For customers: full information about buyers, discount conditions for individual objects, debts, transaction history, …
At cost: manage each specific cost and can attach bills.



The above features are suitable for all shop owners who are doing business. For starters, this is the right choice for store managers. Keep away from the initial mistakes and minimize the risk. This software will be an effective innovation solution to upgrade the business of longtime owners.

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