a / Sale Orders.

– First, click the home button, then a window will pop out to the left select the “Sale Orders”.


– The window of “Sale Orders” will appear, as shown below with functions such as:

+ Section 1: Goods Information.
+ Section 2: Customer Information.

+ Section 3: Customer name.

+ Section 4: Product name
+ Section 5: Scan the bar code to find the product.

– If you know the product code, you can enter directly in box 4 to find products. If not, you can open the software, then select the barcode, then bring the camera to the bar code on the product to software to retrieve data to find the goods that people need to buy. (as picture below)

– After finding the product, if you want to modify or add customers, then press the “…” button in the upper right. There will be four choices for you:

+ Holding Orders: Will show you the orders that you have placed

+ Delete PO: Allows you to delete orders.

+ New customer: Add 1 new customer.

+ Add product: Allows you to add a new product.

– Next is the “Customer Information” tab. This tab will show the full client. You just fill in some information as:

+ Customer Code: Enter the customer code.

+ Phone number: Phone number.

+ Note of customers.

+ Delivery Date: Delivery date for guests.

+ Address: Address of customer.

– Note 1: You can increase or decrease the quantity of products you want to buy with 2 buttons “+” and “-“. If you have the “Discount” code, press the red arrow button and enter the code. Or you can look at the product information, or delete the product and add a note.

– Note 2: In the blue arrow below, when click will automatically release the note line for you. Like “total”, “discount”, “prepaid”, “remain”. After reviewing all the information carefully click “ok”.

b / Delivery:

– After ordering, you can track the delivery and receipt process by. Click the home button, then select the “Delivery” tab.

– The appearance of the “Delivery” tab will appear. You can see the orders have been delivered:

+ Number 1: You can list the delivery by date, week, month, year, orders have not delivered and delivered ….

+ Number 2: You will follow and see the delivery list the day before / after.

+ Number 3: List of delivery of the day, when click on the delivery will show detailed information as shown below.

+ Number 4: Order status (clock ticking: not assigned, tick ticked).

– When you click directly on an order, a new window with full information of the product, the customer will appear. Please click on the orange crack (fig.) To know the amount of money paid, the amount they paid in advance and the amount of the discount.

c / Products:

  • To enter the “product” tab. Please press the button the next day, select the “product” tab.

– The main interface of the “product” tab is composed of tabs like:

+ One: Add a product.

+ Two: Add a category.

+ Three: Edit the category.

+ Four: Filter products by category.

– Right below is the product listing tab. In the product list tab are:

+ One: You can enter product name or product code into it.

Two: When clicked, other products will appear in the form or letter.

+ Ba: You will delete the product if you press the button.

+ Four: List of products included in the software. You can see the details of the product you want to select by double-click it.

– In the “product details” you will find the full information of the product that you want to buy. But the common information you should pay attention to is:

+ One: The name of the product you bought (product name).

+ Two: is barcode. Make sure you scan again.

+ Ba: That is the right kind of item that I chose.

– Then click “save”.

– Tab next to the image tab. If you have images of the product then click “Open” and select the representative of the product then click “Save”. If you do not have pictures click on the button to take pictures to take pictures as representative image offline. And finally hit “save”.

– Next is the “Attribute” tab. In this tab you will see the races – the classification of products in the software.

– The “name” column represents the name of the product. The “data type” column represents the type – the type of product.

– If you have a product but not the right type you need you can press the “X” button, or press the “+” button to add the type of product you need.

– Next is the “customer” tab. To access this tab, you also hit the home button, then drag down and click on the “customer” tab.

– In the “customer” tab there are two functions. One is to add new customers. The second is the secondary information. In the main screen of the “customer” tab you will see the full information as well as the list of customers. The interface between the “customer” tab and the “attribute” tab is no different. And the use of buttons on the same interface.

– Note: In the “customer” tab, in addition to pressing the “X” button to delete the old customer or cancel the order, you can press the “delete” button in red.

In the “detail” section – (A), you can see (numbers 1 and 2) that the customer name. (3) is the barcode of the customer. Then click “Save”.

– Next is the “cash flow” tab – (B), you will see the total amount, prepaid balance and amount payable. As if you were previously “Discount” (discount) or you enter the discount code will also show here!

– The next tab is that most sellers are concerned about fear. This is the “Return” tab. Here you will see the product returned by the customer. Click on the product will see the specific details lied: Product code – product name, delivery date, and customer name.

– Continue, you will come to the “cost” tab. In the main interface, you will see all the revenue – expenditure. And can add cost, as well as view the cost categories.

– When you click on an order in the “cost” tab it will display a tab with full information about the order. As the name, date set, customer notes, as well as the payment type.

– Next is the “vendor” tab. The main interface of this tab is no different than the previous tabs, you can also add and delete providers similar to other tabs!

– Note: Press “+” to add and “-” to delete!

– Next is the “order to vendor” tab. In this tab you can also add and delete vendors like the “vendor” tab!

– And you can also see the details of suppliers that you order.

– Go to the “report” tab. Here you will be statistical software and reports to you, full and most detailed from the money spent, the discount amount, the number of customers, customers to buy the most and most purchased items.

– Tab “settings”. This is a tab where you can customize personal information from store names, phone numbers, addresses and even emails. Remember to finish the press “save” offline.

– In the “settings” tab, you can also set up printer association, as well as “barcode” scanning! And the most important is the error reporting feature. You can report the error you encountered to the manufacturer.

– Update tab. In this tab you can “backup – restore” your account and share your sales information through social network Facebook After selecting the wait a bit for the software. work together.

– Finally, the “File” tab. You can see the four buttons at the main tab:

+ Number 1: Export product file to csv file and save to phone.

+ Number 2: Enter the product’s csv file into the application.

+ Number 3: Delete the exported csv file.

+ Number 4: Configure the font code of the csv file (UTF-16, UTF-8), and delimited in the csv file (“,” or tab).

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