Hello valueable customers! You may want to use the Sale Management application but may not know how to do it properly. Here are the download and install instructions

Step 1: You go to “Google Play”, click the search box and find “Sales Manager”. Then select the “Sale Management” software of the company “Digital Step”, then click the “Install” button. (as below picture)

Step 2: You wait a bit for the program to be downloaded and installed offline.

Step 3: After downloading and installing, press the “Open” button.

Step 4: You login with your Gmail account offline.

Step 5: Here you will have 2 options:

– One: Register new store

– Two: Link device to store

– If you select “Register new store”, you will create a new account completely.

– If you select “Link device to store” means that you will synchronize data from the software to your device.


– Then you wait a bit for the software to run.

– ** Note **: If you select “Register new store”, a notification panel will appear. Please fill in the form below and click “Submit”.

– This is the main interface of the software after you install and login successfully.

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