1 / Introduction to basic features:

As you can see in the screenshot above, the main interface of the software consists of 8 clear sections / sections:


– No. 1: home button.

When we press the button, a menu window will pop out for us to choose. Include items such as “Save Activity, Management, Support, Social Network, Report Activity and System”.

– Second: Save order button.

The main interface of the “Save” button. This includes items such as: “Customer name, delivery date, address, phone number and notes.


– Third: Add button.

When doing this, you hit the “+” button, a new window will appear and you will also find the name of the product to buy as the last time.



– 4th: Adjustment button.

This button performs actions such as “Holding Order”, “Delete PO”, “New Customer” and “Add Product”. Products).

– Fifth: Button of line item.

In this “line item” will also have the basic line such as: “Customer name, product name, product details, price”.

Also, if you click the down arrow button in the red box will appear items such as “Discount, Quantity, Product Information, Note, Delete (Delete) “.

At the bottom will be another green arrow, including items such as “Total, Discount, Prepaid, and Remain.

– Note: 2 buttons “+” and “-” buttons help you to add or reduce the number of products you want to buy.


– Sixth: Customer information button.

In this section, you will see three places similar to the previous tab: customer name, scan button code and product frame. Below we will have the lines that you have to fill specific information such as:

+ Customer Code.

+ Phone Number (phone number).

+ Note (note).

+ Delivery Date.

+ Address.


– Seventh: Customer name.

– Eighth: product name.

– Nineth: Barcode of the product.

This is the operation as well as the outstanding function of this “Sale Management” software. Because it saves people time to find out what the package name is, how? Instead, just click on the bar code button, then enter the bar code area on the product. The software will produce that product (if the product has been added to the software data).


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