Release Notes

*** Release Notes *** Version 3.12.31 Setup a thermal printer with a “dot per line” parameter Support print Unicode Support print store logo on the receipt.

Sale Management on Mobile devices

Sales management on phone Sales management application on the phone – sale management completely free, only charges when using the database on the cloud. Business losses When you start your business, what do you care about most? The most common … Read More

Payment Guide

If you’re not in Vietnam, please use the In-App purchase feature inside Sale Management application.   If you’re staying in Vietnam, please follow below instruction Please refer to the payment instructions as follows: Please transfer your payment with the following … Read More

Updated version of Sale Management 3.2

We always try to improve and receive suggestions from users of Sale Management to improve the application better, fully meet the needs of business owners. Previously, Sale Management could only use one database per device. Now, this advanced application has … Read More

Sale Management users enjoy barcode scanning and most detailed reporting

In the latest update, the Smartphone combined with the Sale Management application can act as a barcode scanner. Extremely fast and accurate. This helps the business owner to save some money and easily move when needed. New users can also … Read More

Guideline how to download and install Sale Management app on Android device

Hello valueable customers! You may want to use the Sale Management application but may not know how to do it properly. Here are the download and install instructions Step 1: You go to “Google Play”, click the search box and … Read More

Introducing the basic features of Sale Management

1 / Introduction to basic features: As you can see in the screenshot above, the main interface of the software consists of 8 clear sections / sections:   – No. 1: home button. When we press the button, a menu … Read More

How to use Sale Management

  a / Sale Orders. – First, click the home button, then a window will pop out to the left select the “Sale Orders”.   – The window of “Sale Orders” will appear, as shown below with functions such as: … Read More