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The world of technology is increasingly popular in many areas, especially business. Are you trading with small and medium models? Have you had trouble managing the sales? Are you tired of working with a stack of books? Do not worried! Our Sale Management application will help you thoroughly manage your sales.

What is Sale Management?

Sale Management is a sales management application on phones, tablets, … can be synchronized and used on many devices. This app is free and can work normally when not connected to the internet, suitable for small businesses. Helping to manage the revenue and expenditure, import goods in the most detailed and accurate.

Why would you love the Sale Management application?

  • Helps you increase your management ability.
    You will fully manage your sales, profits, cash, expenses, debts, inventory, inventory values, etc. All in Sales Management. You will not have to spend too much time tinkering and messing around in the books to manage your merchandise, manage your customers, manage your orders, … because of the advanced application of managed sales. The “detailed reports” according to the needs of the shop owner. This can clearly understand the economic activities of your store in a specific and clear time to plan adjustments to maximize profits.
  • Convenient and easy to use.
    You only need to spend about 15 minutes to get used to it. Application design is extremely simple but still needs small businesses. This application is suitable for many different sectors: fashion, cafe-bar-restaurant, cosmetics, grocery, mini supermarket, electrical appliances, agricultural products, food, furniture and home appliances, construction materials flowers, gifts, stationery, books, … You have no limit on product categories, can add as many products as well. More specifically, this app can sync across multiple devices. From there, you will no longer have to worry about switching to another device that lost the data you entered earlier.
  • Free apps, save money.
    The application is free, can be easily downloaded and updated continuously utility features for users. You only need to pay for the database database on the cloud. Moreover, because of the good management of goods, orders, customers, and reports of the Sale Management application, you can save the cost of hiring accounting staff statistics book and completely assured.
  • Highlight features.
    In addition to these features, Sale Management can also scan Barcode products. The combination of Smartphone and this special application can replace a product bar code scanner. It’s convenient to just pick up the phone and scan the code to get the product out. In addition, you can store data on the compact phone, can hold anywhere. The phone is both a communication device, a entertainment device and a work management device. There is no need to worry about missing something in the notebook or the loss of data on the computer due to virus. In addition, this application can both offline and online matching and also connect to convenient printer via wifi or Bluetooth.

With advanced features suitable for all business objects, you are completely comfortable choosing and using our products to make your management easier and more convenient. We will always be there to support you through the Sale Management application.

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